“YPG” militia raided and arrests in the countryside of Afrin for the service mandatory

Syrian reporter – special    

Militia People’s Protection Units (YPG)” stormed the Kurdish village “Kotanley” in township Bulbul Of the city, “Afrin” in the countryside of Aleppo,And it launched a campaign of raids and arrests affected a number of the young people of the village barbaric manner And under the pretext of military service “conscription”.

“YPG” militia has arrested a number of young people who are on top of their business,It was a threat the rest of the youth of the village need to turn themselves in and joining the mandatory service,Otherwise it will be to break into their homes .

It is noteworthy that such arrests are not the first of its kind,Had been preceded by numerous campaigns, it has not spared even the displaced in Afrin and some other villages as well.