Why The Syrian Observatory is lying to justify the occupation Mare

Syrian reporter

The SOHR published a news story claiming “the democratic forces of Syria have taken over the village of Sheikh Issa” west of the city of Mare. They claim the city is a stronghold of Islamic factions in the countryside north of Aleppo”.

It seems that the SOHR no longer cares about the truth while claiming it is a reliable source for news and information about Syria.

Perhaps the SOHR does not know that the fighters and factions of the city of Mare’ have been battling ISIS for a long time. All of these fighters are citizens of the city and the factions fighting are FSA, such as the Shamiya front and Mutassim. There is a small group called the Islamic elite but they are very few in number.

Why ignore this information and describe Mare as a stronghold of Islamic factions?

We would like to draw the attention of the 0bservatory to the facts that, for example, there is no Jabhet Nursa in Mare and this cannot be used as an excuse and justification for the militias of the Syrian democratic forces to fight there.

The SOHR will not be able to say that the militias are fighting al-Qaeda. There is no Ahrar Al-Sham to claim they fighting Islamists. These ready made arguments were developed by the Observatory in order to claim the forces entered Mare fighting or as news spread about the existence of a specific agreement which had not been reached.

Just days ago it began a campaign of the so-called “democratic forces of Syria” which is a militia of Kurdish forces and a group called the Army rebels. These Syrian regime gangs reached the towns of Nobil and Zahra.

The Syrian forces began an attack on the towns and villages of the northern countryside. Aleppo is separated from the countryside and these militias argued that they are fighting Al-Qaeda. And also called them “jihadists backed by Turkey”.

In another development the arrival of the army and the YPG, who move with the support of the Russian Air Force arrived to the outskirts of Mare.

It must also be noted that the Russian Defense Ministry said it carried out 444 sorties over the northern Aleppo countryside and destroyed 1200 sites within a week.