Where the White House Heroes and ISIS are Indulging in Peace

Northern countryside of Aleppo

Syrian reporter – M.Najjar

While fierce battles are raging between the FSA units and ISIS, The Kurdish YPG militias are enjoying peace with the terrorists of ISIS in the northern countryside of Aleppo.

More than a month of peace has passed on the contact lines between the YPG and ISIS after the advance of the YPG last month and taking control of several towns and villages which were under the control of the FSA units, the sword enemies for both ISIS and Assad, on the pretext of expansion to fight ISIS on the other side.

By the support of supply of Russian ammunition through the regime of Assad, and dozens of Foreign airstrikes (some were reported by the Russians to be American fighter jets), these militias walked into the towns and villages of Deir Jemal and Tal Refaat towards Ihras and Kafar Nasih which are bordering the ISIS-controlled areas in the northern region of Aleppo. It was surprising to many that these militias stopped there without any single bullet being fired against ISIS. The reality was that these militias moved north towards the FSA-controlled areas in the towns of Mare and Azaz, but the popular FSA units were able to thwart the militia’s incursion.

More than a month had passed without any reports of clashes on the contact lines between the sectarian extremists who occupied the towns of Kafar Nasih and Tal Refaat and the Islamist extremists who already occupied the villages in Tel Susin and Herbel in the same region. At the same time, the local FSA units –composed of Arabs, Kurds, and Turkmen- are fighting ISIS day and night over the last three years without any international covering for that.

During the last week, these FSA units took control of the villages of Doudian, Mregel, Jdayde, Kara Kobri, and Toqli which were occupied by ISIS. During the liberation process, several fighters were either killed or wounded defending their land against all extremist projects, sectarian or religious, without being labeled as heroes by anyone. Rather, these rebel units were shocked by the tremendous support given to the Kurdish militias for the sake of occupying their own towns.

Whilst the international media is totally absent in covering the 3-years raging and continuous FSA battles against ISIS, that media is found to be cheering for the recent victories of the Kurdish racist militia /YPG/. Victories which are no more than pedestrian groups walking without any clashes to occupy Arab lands after being pounded and burnt by an air force. More recently, these airstrikes facilitated their way to walk into an already safe and liberated territory which was under the control of local FSA units. That irresponsible action caused the displacement of the inhabitants of these towns to the olive fields near the Turkish borders, for the sake of supporting this militias who walked into the homes of deported civilians to loot their homes, and perhaps even to change the demographic structure later on.

Those militia have a history in practices similar to the surprising policies of the Assad regime, particularly leveling towns, kidnapping opponents and blowing up their homes, burning crops, and pillaging the deserted towns.

After the control of the Kurdish groups over the towns of Deir Jamal and Tal Refaat and the surrounding villages, it was not surprising to many that this militia started practicing their activities of pillaging flour and relief warehouses, bakeries, medical clinics, and electric generators, in addition to seizing private properties as well leveling houses in the village of Ayn Daqna, according to reports by Massoud Ibo who is a well known Kurdish activist opposing both the Assad regime and the militia of YPG
During the last two weeks, several civilian protests took out to the streets of Aleppo, Azaz and Mare raising the Syrian Independence Flag and condemning JAN, ISIS, YPG, and the Assad regime. According to these civilians, all these enemies are similar when it comes to practices and ideologies.
Wasn’t it more practical for the democratic world to support moderate diversifies units in this region to fight the diversified forms of extremism instead of supporting a racist militia linked directly to the Syrian regime? What pretext and what reason is used by those who claim to support the Syrian Revolution by supporting racist groups and featuring them as… heroes!