The second death due to “Kidney failure” in the Eastern Ghouta

Syrian reporter – Eastern Ghouta

Medical office in Duma announced the registration of the death of patients “renal insufficiency” in the Eastern Ghouta, Where he was recording two cases of death within 24 hours, one of them “Saeed al-Dura”, who died shortly before died of illness.

The Unified Medical Office in the Eastern Ghouta has been announced on the first day of this month stopped the only center in the region, And after the entry into force of the necessary materials for the sessions washing , Medical office in a statement said that the World Health Organization has ensured the necessary materials for the work of the Centre,

but the Syrian regime prevent the entry into the eastern Ghouta ..

The estimated number of people with renal insufficiency in the eastern Ghouta 17 patients, two of them have died in a short time, while the rest is threatened with death unless the operation of the center in the fastest time.