The Massacre of the Century; The Chemical attack on Eastern Ghouta. Scenes exposed for the first time

The Chemical attack on Eastern Ghouta.

Syrian Reporter – Exclusive
Five years since the massacre of the century; when more than one thousand and two hundred civilians strangled by Sarin gas in Eastern Ghouta, and wounded thousands more, mostly women and children. The world was in shock. The great powers threatened to punish Assad if he doesn’t surrender his arsenal of chemical weapons.

Assad submitted to the intense international pressure and through backdoor negations between Russia and the Obama administration, his regime escaped potential U.S strikes. Assad’s stockpile of chemical weapons was delivered for destruction and dismantling and the OPCW declared the process has been completed. Yet; the use of chemical weapons was detected again and the lasts was in city of Khan-Shekhoun in Idlib province north of Syria early April of 2017. The Trump administration acted quickly and stuck Al-Shoayrat military airport where the plane that commenced the attack allegedly took off from.

Ever since then the regime was put into a rehabilitation process through mass amount of international conferences and summits in which the latest is the Sochi summit in Russia. The so-called “Sochi” conference is the last of these conferences, which clearly aims to legitimize the Assad’s regime again, under the auspices of Russia and Iran on the one hand, and Turkey on the other. They all are aiming to share the gains implicitly, while Russia claims to aim to end the conflict. Russia threatened to use its military force against the armed opposition in case they were considering boycotting the conference. The conference will discuss the amendment of some provisions of the Constitution and the identification of future elections, and the right of Assad to stand in, and not to be held accountable in the future for his brutal massacres and crimes against humanity.

The Massacre of the Century, which may not have been the most brutal against the Syrian people because Russia continue to use the most devastating bombs against civilians in Syria, but it is well known that this massacre was the largest mass execution in modern history, where the international peace delegation was staying in a hotel in Damascus just few miles away from where those poor souls had perished.

Syrian –Reporter will release footage that is been shared for the first time. Never seen before images of women, children, and men had been deprived from life because of Sarin. The footage were taken by our reporter in Eastern Ghouta just before he was injured himself during the attack. The release of these new images aims to document the suffering and the human catastrophe that the Syrian people are going thru while others are gathered in Sochi with smiles on their faces.