Russian news agencies have exceeded the Syrian ally of lying

Syrian reporter – special

The Russian news agency “Tass,” published that they had to send about 20 tons of food to the village, “al-qubeir” in Hama, According to the spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, Their forces are the introducing these materials to the village.

Here, Major General “Igor Konashenkov”, the official spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry  says “Third of the population have been killed in the same village by elements of the “Jabhet Nussra”, After entering the village dispersed the population thinking that we belong to the armed gangs, And did not return until after the verification of We brought them food aid and medicine taking with us a medical team after three years of absence of health care there.”
Screenshot_1According to reports dating back to 2012 during the peaceful movement in Syria, The village suffered a massacre at the hands of sectarian militias “Aloya” loyal to the Syrian regime, Led to the deaths of more than 100 people, including women and children slaughtered with knives.

According to a report of the site “Wikipedia”, the only four people came out alive After that horrible massacre carried out by the mercenaries of the Syrian regime As it has been absence of dozens coercive some of them are still being detained by the Syrian intelligence services yet .

According to our response and that most of the villagers did not refer to it After displacement on 06/06/2102, following the massacre in the village, And that of the small number of pro-Syrian regime remained, Referring back to that history shows the whole world that the time was not “Jabhet Nussra”  for publicly presence in Syria, There was even some of the people of countries who took up arms Defense of their land and their families from the oppression of the regime and its militias.


National reconciliations “fake”

In another context, the agency Novosti published quoting from Prime reconciliation groups in Hama province Captain “Grman Rodina” news that 30 villages in the countryside of Hama have the so-called “national reconciliation” with the Syrian regime Across the Russian Coordination Center in “ Humaimam” base reconciliation between the conflicting parties in Syria ,As a prelude for the peace process and the negotiations that are supposed to take place in Syria.
After checking it turned out to be unfounded about that news , And villages is talking about the Russians entered into a truce with the Syrian regime Since more and after it has been destroyed and the displacement of most of the population, And that those meetings that were true, they are for The notables of these villages held a truce with the system ever since.

Experiencing the towns of Hama countryside Russian fierce campaign since the beginning of the truce in Syria ,Aviation did not stop shelling the village “Hirbnafsah” by cluster And  the stereochemistry rockets, This is a clear violation of the truce in Syria For nearly a week , And which provides for the cessation of hostilities in Syria.