Palmyra under the shelling and destruction .. the Media Revolution in slumber

Tadmur (Palmyra) - coordination committee of the city

Syrian reporter – special     
The Russian Air Force military and helicopters have Targeting the city “Palmyra” archaeological by dozens of air strikes against rocket and stereoisomers , barrels severe explosion and domestic gas cylinders stuffed with explosives , The number of raids carried out by the system today, “Tuesday” about 80 raid caused the martyrdom of a woman and a child, The fall of nearly 20 wounded as a result of these gases.
In an interview with the activist “Nasser Al Thair” a member of a coordinating Palmyra said: “The recent campaign of Assad Air has been going on last night, shelling hardly stops causing human damage, The massive destruction of infrastructure, and the city in the catastrophic situation on the humanitarian level, All hospitals destroyed, and shops are almost devoid of goods, because of the intensity of daily shelling, With the closure of all roads surrounding the city except through “Palmyra, Raqqa.”
Under shelling displacement of thousands of people, where were left in Palmyra only about 5,000 civilians, are subject to the control of the organization “Daash”, With stringent security control, while preventing fully online for civilians, which is the only means of communication with the outside world.
And the activist condemned the destruction shorten the media sites to cover the transfer of the city’s forgotten news, especially in humanitarian matters, in the presence of dozens of competent Syrian revolution websites.
Nasser Added: The Russian Aviation and Syrian regime Air also targeted the outskirts of the city by dozens of strikes in attempts to advance, One of those strikes hit a gathering of forces regime in the “Mount Hean” area led to the deaths of many of the elements of the system and militias loyal to him.
Nasser confirmed that the sides of the city is witnessing military operations, where the organization was able to repel the attacks of the earth system scoring remarkable progress, Led to capture approximately 20 members of the system, as well as control over a large amount of booty notably nine armored vehicles and a number of vehicles with heavy machine guns.