Syrian-Reporter provides proof that a branch of the Iraqis Armed Force- joins efforts with the Syrian regime

Syrian Reporter

Syrian-Reporter provides proof that “Rapid Reaction Brigade”- a branch of the Iraqis Armed Force- joins efforts with the Syrian regime in its recent battles in Dara, south of Syria.

Syrian reporter reveals participation of the “Rapid Reaction Brigade of the Iraqi army” in Daraa battles in south of Syria.


Rapid Reaction Brigade logo

The vague situation in what is going on the ground in the countryside of Daraa is beginning to unravel day after day.
Syrian re
porter managed to get a picture of an Iraqi fighter that proves ‘Rapid reaction of the Iraqi Army Brigade’ involvement in pro-regime army in the northern countryside of Daraa battles.
The photo of a fighter “Marwan al-Lami taken in Sheikh Mesken city north of Daraa , clearly shows the Brigade slogan on his military uniform.
Syrian reporter published his picture, which he himself had posted three hours ago with a vehicle carrying a 14.5 mm machine gun “M / I, Just before he joined the fighting in recent battles of Daraa.


In a different picture, Lami is shown with another militia leaders Alavgano Abu Abbas al-Khazali, who was also killed in Sheikh Mesken battles. 


Marwan al-Lami was an active member in “Master of  Martyrs” battalion as it is shown in the picture flying the banner of ‘master of martyrs’ militia in the highway of Damascus International Airport. 


Banner of ‘Master of Martyrs

The militia “Master of  Martyrs” Iraqi Shiite Mourned their fighters who have been killed in Syria, and he was last of the two killed in the countryside of Daraa Sheikh Mesken area while the rebels were in process of librating the 82 air defense brigade in the outskirts of Sheikh Mesken , Where both of Hassanein Jawad Aharichaoui (Abu Abbas al-Khazali), and Mohammad Ali Abdul-Hussein al-Khalidi were killed.
It is noteworthy that Bashar al-Assad’s regime thrown in a wide range of Shiite militia fighters toward of Daraa front in order to stop the rebels from advancing toward the Damascus the capital. Already these militias are mourning large number of their fighters that were killed in the town of Mesken- north of Daraa and The most important of them was Gen.Hassan Hzbawi leader in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

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