Russia Aims to Sabotage the “chemical attack” in Khan Sheikoun

Syrian Reporter

A special source revealed to “Syrian Reporter” that Russia had recently gave the order to the Syrian regime and its Iranian allies to launch a large-scale ground offense to retake the town of Khan Sheikhoun, south of Idlib province, in the closest time possible under all costs.

The source added that Russia instructed the regime not to deny the occurrence of the chemical massacre, while it’s attempting to regain control of Khan Sheikoun before the special commission to investigate the chemical attack is formed. The chemical attack occurred in early April, which left about 100 people, mostly women and children, among the dead and five hundred were severely hurt or injured, according to statistics issued by the Syrian civil defense system.
Russia launched a massive military offense two days ago coordinating with the Assad regime and its Iranian militias to gain access to the city of Khan Sheikoun, with the intent to erase or falsify any available evidence of the chemical crime scene that resulted in hundreds of casualties.
The attack started last Friday (April 14th), with a dense air cover of Russian warplanes, which executed hundreds of raids on towns and villages in north of Hama and southern countryside of Idlib.

Russia on its fastest rout to Khan Sheikoun is targeting cities of “Halfaya, Taibat Imam, Morek, Kfarnaboda and Al latamna …” among other villages and towns in northern Hama, as a first step to build a siege around Khan Sheikoun, then completely regain control in a later stage.

The Russian air cover is considered a major support to the ground forces, which are aggressively targeting Taibat Imam after it has taken Soran town. The air cover was conducted by using many internationally banned weapons like the White Phosphorus, cluster bombs, and Napalm.

It was the first time that the Syrian regime with aid of Russia used chemical weapons since they pledged to Israel to dismantled Syria’s chemical arsenal in exchange for allowing Russia to enter Syria and safe guard those weapons not to fall into the hands of “radical Islamists groups”. Needless to say that Israel is convinced now that Assad’s fall out is inevitable by these groups.

When the Israelis suggested that Assad can longer control Syria’s boarder after 45 years of “no war no peace” treaty in the Golan Heights, Assad’s army decided to send a message by killing dozens of civilians in Khan Sheikoun using chemical weapons, but the Israelis response did not come as the regime has anticipated.

The regime was expecting to be left alone for enough period of time to get rid of its remaining chemical stock pile but Netanyahu had a different thought which was tweeted in Arabic as a signal to the Trump administration who in return lunched 59 Tomahawk missiles against Shayrat air base near Homs sending a clear message “we will not let you fool us again.”
It was not the first time that regime forces and their allies – led by Russia – were trying to hide and falsify chemical attacks then accuse what they call “armed terrorist groups” of conducting it. In March 19th 2013 the regime forces fired missiles loaded with Sarin gas at rebel’s controlled areas in town of Khan Al-Assal, but the wind blew the gas in the opposite direction and hit regime’s forces killing twenty soldiers and suffocating dozens. The regime in an effort to conceal yet another crime scene called for the UN to send international investigators to look into this incident following its failure to capture Khan Alassal.
It happened again during the battle of Aleppo when the armed rebels were trying to break the siege on the Eastern part of the city. The regime used Sarin against the rebels in an area called “Project of 3000 Apartments” but the wind again blew it towards its territories in Hamdanya neighborhood.

Russia has vetoed the Security Council’s resolution to set up an inquiry commission into the chemical massacre in Khan Sheikoun, even though it acknowledged that the regime’s air force carried out the bombing. Assad came out later in a TV interview mocking the victims and claiming these were all fabricated photos and accusations.

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