Last Syrian Government Offensive on Aleppo was under the supervision of De Mistura

Syrian Reporter

Special source to Syrian Reporter :
The latest offense by the regime forces and its allies on Aleppo city was done with the blessing of the United nation envoy to Damascus Stephen De Mastoura. The source indicated that the regime approved De Mastoura
plan to freeze the fighting in Aleppo city but wanted to negotiate from a stronger position and so tried to brake the siege on tow Shia villages , Nubel and Alzahraa.. The offense was also aiming to put pressure on the rebels inside city of Aleppo. Same source indicated that a group of De Mastoura’s aids were staying at the Devan hotel in Ghazi Entab in Turkey. The group’s mission was to offer a freeze fight plan in Aleppo to the rebels at the end of February if the offense of the regime forces to be successful.
The outcome was different. The rebels manged to defuse the attack which forced De Mastoura to offer his plan to the United Nation assembly.