In pictures, Jobar Synagogue, a place once had the oldest Torah in the world, now in ruins

Syrian Reporter – Exclusive

Jobar Synagogue, one of the oldest Jewish temples, from the hideout of Prophet Elias when he escaped the persecution of Queen Isabel, to the pile of stones and pillars which didn’t fall despite the continuous shelling of Jobar area by Assad artilleries and warplanes
Jobar Synagogue, from a historical building dating back to 700BC to a ruins of a temple, lefts of history, and a destruction witnesses the savagery of Assad and his weaponry

The Damascene neighborhood of Jobar was build in the same era in which the the synagogue was build by the the jewish clerics. The neighborhood was liberated from Assad’s forces in May 2013, but went under siege in April 2014 after the regime regained control over town of Maliha. Then, the Assad’s regime’ tanks, artillery, and warplanes targeted the synagogue and turned it into rubbles as well as the rest of the neighborhood

The Synagogue
Before the destruction of the historical synagogue, Jobar Synagogue was a destination for tourists and diplomats, taking into account that it is considered the oldest Jewish synagogue in the world
The synagogue of Jobar (named Eliyahu Hanabi) is a sacred site not only for the Jews, but for the Muslims and Christians because Eliyahu, the Jewish Prophet, is known for the muslims as Prophet Al-khoder and for the christians as Prophet Elias. It is said that this man is buried in this place
The synagogue of Jobar is considered the oldest synagogue. It was build in 720 BC by Prophet Elisha. Prophet Elisha built at the site of the cave which was the hideout of Prophet Eliyaho when he escaped the prosecution of Queen Jezebel of Sidon, wife of Ahab Omri, The Israeli King of Samaria

The outdoor of the synagog consists of big metal gate and behind it there is a small courtyard with an orange tree in the middle of it. The hallway leads to a small interior door. Once you enter you can notice on the right the Ablution room while on the left side there are two rooms, one for the synagogue servant and the other for what is called Council of Jewish Denomination
Once inside, people can see a tomb surrounded by a fence with a marble header with a phrase inscribed in three languages, Arabic, Hebrew and French, “In year three thousand and thirty four after the creation, and in this place, Shaphan Elisha became a Prophet when anointed by Prophet Eliyahu, peace be upon him.” On top of that marble sits a heptagon menorah
The synagog had a rectangular shape built entirely of solid stones and measured 15×50 with a terrace for senior rabbis to sit through ceremonies . Its walls feature crafted designs and hebrew inscriptions. Deep inside, stands a wooden decorated cabinet that was used to hide the oldest known torah in the world

The Torah itself is written on a deer skin and wrapped around a silver cylinder. Next to the cabinet, there is a crafted door covered in gold. The door leads to a small ten square foot cave using seven steps down stairs. inside the cave there are three cavities and each had a lit candle.There was another hole in the cave through which, according to stories, crows used to deliver food to Prophet Eliyah during his forty days of hideout