Exclusive … Video of ISIS Cage

1 May,2015 0

Syrian-Reporter – ExclusiveSyrian Reporter obtained a vedio shows a man put in a metal cage in a public square in Tabaqu city in Raqqa Province east of Syria.According to the list of charges ISIS member’s […]


Qasim Slimane is not in Yemen

27 March,2015 0

Syrian reporterFanatics and lovers of Qasim Slimane won’t butch down. Recent picture cerrculating social media shows Slimane in a public market in Yemen. The picture turned to be fake and was altered using photoshop techniques […]


Iran’s Golden Chance to Control the Middle East

6 March,2015 0

Syrian reporter Syrian-Reporter was provided information that Iran had made a final decision to squash uprisings in all of Syria,Yemen, and Iraq by using military force and direct intervention. The source ,an Iranian officer who […]