Assad’s Warplanes Committed Another Massacre to the East of Aleppo in Qebasin

Forty five  killed and more than 160 injured as a result of warplanes bombing the town of Qebasin to the east of Aleppo in six airstrikes. The Civil Defense and Ambulance Without Borders rushed to the sites in an attempt to save the injured ones
According to Ambulance Without Borders the number of casualties is not final and might increase
Of the dead, the following names were identified
 Mustafa Hamado Shihabi
 Ahmad Hamado Shihabi
 Sattouf Naqo
Ibrahim Mustafa (from Bizaa)
 Muhammad Omar Mahmoud al-Jabali /( a child)
 Muhammad Shasho
 Muhammad Abdul Basset Abboud
Ismail Khamis
 Mustafa Kassar / From al-Seflaniyeh
 Hussein al-Nayef / a child from Al-Bab
There are other 13 unidentified corpses, including bodies of two children
The airstrikes targeted an area known as Marto Square which is the center of Qebasin and the other airstrikes targeted what is knows as the Thursday Market which explains the large number of martyrs and injuries
This is the first time that warplanes of Assad targeting the town of Qebasin. The town is 50km to the east of Aleppo and 7 km to the north of al-Bab and is a place for large number of IDP (internally displaced people). The majority of the inhabitants are Kurds and it is a home for Arabs and Turkmen as well
Qebasin is one of the biggest Kurdish towns under the rule of ISIS and was more peaceful than the rest of neighboring towns and villages until the Assad’s death airstrikes paid it a visit