((Al-rda)) militia recruiting children in the fighting in Syria

Syrian Reporter documented the death of two children among the lines of Shitti’s militia called Al-Reda which is a branch of the Lebanese Hezbollah militia.
Mohsen Hosien Haj Mohammad (16) of city of Sabetya killed in Qalamoun battles. He
is also the younger brother of another deceased Hezbollah fighter Mohammad Haj Mohammad who was killed in battles around Aleppo city north of Syria.
Mohammad Yousiff Al-Tofylie (16) also killed in latest battle in Ariha city in Edlib Province along with other syrian regime officers.
Recruiting children is not a new concept to the Shitti’s militias fighting along side Assad’s forces. Hezbollah, the main supporter to the Syrian regime, along with the National Defense Militia did recruit children to fight among their lines against Syrian rebels.
Syrian Reporter managed to document names of 20 fighters belong to Al-Reda Shitti’s militia that were killed in the past few days.

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