Assad and Red Cross are partners in lies

Syrian Reporter 

Under the tone of heavy bombardment and barrels bombs Assad’s regime along with the U.N lied about getting food and supplies into almost 2 months besieged Modamyat.

Assad and Red Cross partners in lies.

Few media pages -maintained by Assad’s Regime – and others belong to R.C published photographs of what they claimed to be ” Humanitarian conveys and supplies entering Modamyat”. A city in west of rural Damascus. A vedio was broadcasted as well in support of these photographs featuring ( Hasan Ghandour)- a member of the reconciliation committee in the city of Modamyat- talking about getting help and relief aid into the city along with peace talks between the rebels who control Modamyat and the Assad’s Regime.


(Pawel Krzysiek) the spokesperson for the R.C in Syria published videos and photos this morning claiming these are from the humanitarian mission that is taking place in the besieged Modamyat.

The truth though was far from what he was claiming is happening in these photos and videos. 

As one video shows that the cargo of the Relief Aid convey was emptied and unloaded in neighborhood loyal to the Syrian regime.

Distribution of humanitarian aids in neighborhood loyal to Assad.

Speaking with (Hakeem Al-Shami) -one of the city’s activists – he assured us that for the second day, humanitarian and relief aids were entering the city through the only crossing available into the eastern district which is solely cotrolled by Assad’s loyal forces. While the western district which is controlled by the opposition didn’t receive anything but one truck of medical supplies that got in late at night. The truck was unloaded first in the eastern district by R.C personals then shipment was delivered to the western district by several other cars.

Hakeem stated that the regiem had distributed almost 500 baskets of relief aid to families that came from the western district in coordination with the Reconciliation Committee. Thousands then of hungry besieged civilians marched and waited by the city only crossing for relief conveys when the words of “aid delivery process will last for the next few days” spread out.

After these starved people stood there, Hakeem continues his story, regime forces opened fire in the air and detained few young men for a short period of time. Some women got bitten with sticks and foul language was used against the elders. People were banned from getting closer to the relief aid cars and trucks.

A little longer after that some families did manage to cross to the eastern district and got their relief baskets which were no more than 1000 baskets.

The city of Modamyat Al-Sham is suffering from a crippling blocked since 12/23/2015 when the regiem closed the only way for the city and started it’s campaign repeatedly trying to infiltrate along with heavy bombardment andbarrels bombs