A New Kamakzi Shiit’s Militia is Formed in Damascus

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Syrian reporter

The Iraqi Shiite militiaz S.W.A.T also known as “battalions Zainab” released a video of what it calls declaration “1” announcing the formation of a new battalion as a response to the Zeinab shrine bombing that took place several days ago in Damascus. The bombing targeted a Shiite militia center “Almustakbal barrier”.
The new formed battalion will carry operations and “suicide” missions against what it described the “dogs of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Zionists.” The declaration also stressed how much members of this new battalion are ready to die.
It is uncertain if this militia was involved in bombings that targeted East Kalamoon past Friday, but the timing of this vedio and the East Kalamoon bombings was very suspicious.
The commander of Iraqi Shiite militia S.W.A.T “Hajji Ahmed al-Saadi” has returned to Syria beginning of February at the same time heavy fighting errupted between the rebels and the Assad regime south of Syria.